Yupadee is a New York-based designer and honors graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, her work resonates from her bi-cultural experience through a language of impeccable composition. Her designs are both loud and understated with their unconventional approach and complex visual language. They gleefully mix high culture and vernacular elements with an intellectual depth as she strives to envision something novel. Her success can be attributed to her fine arts education and creative advertising background.

Though it is also clear that her natural talent is simply a gift. She believes that “ In the world of design, beauty is not merely what we create but how its interpreted. Ultimately, work that is done well has an aesthetic timelessness, which retains value regardless of what materials are used.” Yupadee had passed on her knowledge and experiences teaching design including at her alma mater.  She has been recognized and awarded internationally as the first and only American winner of the World Gold Council’s Gold Virtuosi Award among many other honors.

Contact: [email protected], [email protected]

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